I enjoy creating abstract and figurative subjects using mixed media, often incorporating crafty and indulgent lines and rough shapes. Every piece is unique and produced as a 'only copy' and framing can be arranged on request.

Buildings, waves, people, shapes and arrangements of texture. Everything breaths light and energy.

"You aspire to free heights, your soul thirsts for the stars. But your wicked instincts too, thirst for freedom. Your wild dogs want freedom; They bark with joy in their cellar when your spirit plans to open all prisons."

Friedrich Nietzsche

The man looks at the beast. His look is curious but also aches for answers. Perhaps he feels sorry for himself and envies the Beast. Or is this an encounter in which the beast looks at himself? The man is sketched and with no colour, naked. All he is wearing is the desire of reconnection with his primitive status. The beast is embellished with a saddle the mantle of fog which recalls  domestication. The servile path he chose to follow to its own demise. The beast appears calm and resigned to live his tasks. The man doesn't. He expects a reason. Maybe the answer is all here, and the only way to maintain calm is to resign and suppress his primordial call to display strength and run free. We all work for our colourful saddle but we don't even know what we are asking for. Then, we wonder why we are tormented. What is the man thinking? This is the key of everything.

"There comes for every man an hour in which he asks himself in wonderment: "How's one able to live, and yet one does live?". An hour in which he begins to understand that he possesses an inventiveness of the same kind as he admires in plants, which climb and wind and finally gain some light and a patch of soil, and thus create for themselves their share of joy on inhospitable ground."

Friedrich Nietzsche