My work 

I enjoy creating abstract and figurative subjects using mixed media, often incorporating crafty and indulgent lines and rough shapes. Every piece is unique and produced as a 'only copy' and framing can be arranged on request.


In my figurative work, the subjects often look far away, chasing a thought or a memory all the way to the horizon, whilst bathing in their own mind.

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There is a lot to take in when we look at each other's bodies and our surroundings. The unreliable beauty of the shapes, in synch with the passage of time and the light aging as the world spins, keeps surprising. There is so much substance, chaos and abundance. To be alive, and witness the evolution and revolution of our cells and truly living, is the greatest challenge and the greatest of privileges.

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Buildings, waves, people, shapes and arrangements of texture. Everything breaths light and energy.

"You aspire to free heights, your soul thirsts for the stars. But your wicked instincts too, thirst for freedom. Your wild dogs want freedom; They bark with joy in their cellar when your spirit plans to open all prisons."

Friedrich Nietzsche

"There comes for every man an hour in which he asks himself in wonderment: "How's one able to live, and yet one does live?". An hour in which he begins to understand that he possesses an inventiveness of the same kind as he admires in plants, which climb and wind and finally gain some light and a patch of soil, and thus create for themselves their share of joy on inhospitable ground."