Modern & Contemporary Art

Original and Bespoke artworks  


I am a self-taught artist, born in the eternal city of Rome and brought up on the beautiful island of Sicily. After spending some time traveling around the world, in 2015 I decided to make Cornwall my home. 

I enjoy creating abstract and figurative subjects using mixed media, often incorporating crafty and indulgent lines and rough shapes. Every piece is unique and produced as a 'only copy' and framing can be arranged on request.

I'm moved by the uncontrollable irony of life and by the strong desire to experience everything around me with big bites. There are days when I suddenly feel the emotional complexity of life overwhelming me with its waves. To create, to feel inspired, is the only way to find peace in the tormented waters of this finite and sinful entity. Whether the subject is human or material, there is a high level of abstract in my work. I like to mix detailed subjects with more stylized and rough backgrounds. Accentuate the contrast between pencil work and hard paint brushes.

At times I give in to temptation and indulge in playing with texture more that I should. Anything that can contribute to inviting the viewer to really experience and sense my work, not only see the canvas. I also enjoy the creative process of figurative and sketchy portraits and get inspired by poetry and philosophy.

Nature plays a big role in my inspiration process.