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My name is Giordano and I am a self-taught artist, born in the eternal city of Rome and brought up on the beautiful island of Sicily. After spending some time traveling around the world, in 2015 I decided to make Cornwall my home. Although I was never trained in art, I have always enjoyed expressing my thoughts and perception into a graphic manner. I'm moved by the uncontrollable irony of life and by the strong desire to experience everything around me with big bites. I have decided to create this page to share and promote what I do.

I have always painted for my own desire to create and release my emotions.

Being untrained, I have been very reserved and private with my art, and never dreamed to call myself an 'artist' or a 'painter'. Then I realized that there is no need of naming what one feels. There is no need to try to be cool if you can just be warm, and there is no need to always be appropriate if you can be honest with yourself. In fact, perhaps I am not an artist. Like most of us, I merely observe the world around me trying to find my way forward.

Nature plays an important role in my creative process.

My Art

I enjoy creating abstract and figurative subjects using mixed media, often incorporating crafty and indulgent lines and rough shapes. Every piece is unique and produced as a 'only copy' and framing can be arranged on request. 

Buildings, waves, people, shapes and arrangements of texture. Everything breaths light and energy.

"There comes for every man an hour in which he asks himself in wonderment: "How's one able to live, and yet one does live?". An hour in which he begins to understand that he possesses an inventiveness of the same kind as he admires in plants, which climb and wind and finally gain some light and a patch of soil, and thus create for themselves their share of joy on inhospitable ground."

Chinese landscape -Mixed media on canvas 100x100cm



For bespoke work and general enquiries:


Studio S13B - Old Bakery Studios - Blewetts Wharf, Malpas Rd, Truro TR1 1QH